15 April 2015

April's "My Book Shelf's New Inhabitants"

These are five new books that came to my (overloaded) book shelf. On Monday, I got three new-release books from Divapress. First, Hujan Pertama untuk Aysila, a short stories collection by Edi AH Iyubenu, the CEO of Divapress Group. He was well-known too as the rector of #KampusFiksi, which I have attend last month. His first short story that I've read was Cara Mudah untuk Bahagia, which was published by Horison magazine.

The second book titled Cinta Acakadut. From the title, I can forecast that it is a comedy one (uhm, I haven't make it sure). And, the last one is Glamo Girls.

While these two, I bought them yesterday. Why do I mostly buy books on Tuesday? No other than because at Togamas Gejayan, Yogyakarta, there's special discount 25% off for fiction books every Tuesday :D. The first is Insomnia by Flazia, one of the series of Blood Type K-Fiction. Actually, I wanna buy the Mr. O VS Ms. B one, but there is no that book yet. Until yesterday, Miss B has been coupled with Mr. A only. Btw, I'm Miss B too ^^.

The second one is Eka Kurniawan's novel, Seperti Dendam, Rindu Harus Dibayar Tuntas. I have wanted to read this book since last year, but finally I will be able to read this soon.

 Those are my new buddies. How about yours? ^^


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