18 June 2015

June's Book Haul

This June, I received many book packages for free *laugh happily*. First, as usual, I received three books from Divapress to be reviewed. The two of them were a bit dark, if I can say, i.e. Konstantinopel and Kahve: Shamrock and Raven. While, the last one is Menggali Sumur dengan Ujung Jarum, a collection of some short stories and speeches from world's famous maestro of literatures. Let's check them out one by one!

Konstantinopel was the first one that I read among them. I chose it because I found myself attracted by its cover and simply I wanted to read mysterious or detective story. This book was special, rarely Indonesian writers published such detective novel, right? And among those "rare" ones, much rarer are the good ones. Actually I have finished this book, but I haven't write the review yet. What I can say this far was, this detective novel wasn't kitsch; on the contrary it was pretty worth-read. All arguments which were provided by either the writer or the detective character were logical. But, I have been wondering, why the writer chose "Konstantinopel" or "Turki" and why it must be a "the mystery behind the lost little fingers". The writer didn't show the murderer's motive of cutting his victims' little fingers, other than just in order to it be intented as a mark, so that they seemed to be a serial killing.

I haven't read Kahve yet, of course, but its blurb is pretty gripping. It is also a myterious one, about Kencana who was uncovering the murderer case of her sister, Saras. This book was about coffee and psychology as well.

Hey, it's time to read classical stories, also speeches as well, from Borges, Pamuk, Gabriel Garcia Marquez, Naguib Mahfouz, Seamus Heaney, and William Saroyan, through this Indonesian-translated version, titled Menggali Sumur dengan Lubang Jarum.

And what is more, I got the other package from Bentang Pustaka, as an award since I was the runner-up of #KompetisiBerceritaCAK2 . This package contained of three new-release books, i.e. Perfect Mistakes, Jatuh Cinta Diam-diam #2, and a comic book titled Tomo & Tama.

The last package was from Kaurama Publisher, as an award for my review of 4 Musim Cinta becoming one of the winner of a book review competition held by it. And, you know what? Titik Balik was in my Goodreads wish list! Aaaaa, how lucky I am!

Ouch, I also got this book, from the blog tour held by Twigora. FYI, I joined all the tours, and finally I've got chosen as the winner at Stefanie's blog.

Ah, this month will be cozy! ^^



  1. What a lovely present!
    Tergiur sama buku no 2 dan 3.

    1. Ya, very lovely :D
      Yang Kahve dan Menggali Sumur, ya? Hehe
      Saya jg nggak sabar ingin baca.

  2. Replies
    1. Waaah ada Kak Stef :D
      Yaay, makasih MNSL-nya Kak, akan kubaca secepatnya haha

  3. Keren bisa dapat buku2 bagus


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