15 March 2016

Wasteful Tuesday #1: Inteligensi Embun Pagi & Misteri Soliter

Tuesday has been chosen as the wasteful day because it's the day when I'm most likely to buy books. Why Tuesday? No other than that Togamas Affandi Yogyakarta (a book store) offers a special discount for novels on Tuesday, i.e. 25% off. Whoa! Meanwhile, Togamas Kotabaru (another branch store of Togamas in Yogyakarta) offers the same discount for novels on Thursday, but I more often go to the one at Affandi than at Sudirman. Togamas Kotabaru is smaller than Togamas Affandi. Its book organizing is also worse than Affandi, I often find difficulties when looking for books. The computer system showed that a certain book was at certain shelf, but when I came to look for it, I couldn't find it. Yeah, although inside Togamas Affandi is stiflingly hot, regarding to its roof that's made of iron sheet.

Interior of Togamas Affandi. Source: here.
On Tuesday, March 8, after I did interview of Patriot Energi selection process--though it was not a kind of uphill work--I felt like I need to give myself a reward. So, I directly drove my motorcycle to Togamas Affandi after I got a lunch together with two friends of mine, who were in the same interview with me. There was a book that I have planned to buy, i.e. Inteligensi Embun Pagi. Despite of the not-too-positive reviews, I still wanted to buy it, since it is the last Supernova ever written. (I'm not a die-hard fan of Dee, you know. Out of all her books, I only have Supernova: Partikel and Perahu Kertas. I have read Supernova: Ksatria, Puteri, dan Bintang Jatuh; Akar; Petir; and Gelombang by borrowing them from friends.)

The time I entered the book store, instead of walking directly to the shelf where some towers made of Inteligensi Embun Pagi books stood, I wandered around the shelf of 10 bestseller, top 10, and new-released books. Most of new-released book were Indonesian-translated fantasy ones, that caught my sight. But I had no intention to buy them, just checked their review on Goodreads, and so it was. Uh yeah, I always keep my Goodreads page opened every time I am in book store, since I buy only good book with good enough rating and review. Yeah, Goodreads' rating is not everything, but if most readers give a book positive reviews, so it is likely enough a not-bad book.

I grabbed one Inteligensi Embun Pagi, and then I wandered again.

Now, I came to the shelf full of Jostein Gaarder's novels. I remembered that a friend of mine (who has a great taste in book) put The Solitaire Mystery (that was translated into Indonesian with the title of Misteri Soliter) to his favorite shelf in Goodreads, so I was interested to take and put it to my shopping bag. I have loved Anna'sWorld and Bibbi Bokken' Magic Library, so maybe I would love this one too.

While I was walking to the cashier, it rained in torrents outside. I decided to wait until the rain abated. I tried to read the sample of Indonesian-translated Poor People (Orang-orang Malang) by Fyodor Dostoevsky, but it needed only several pages of it to draw me to drowsiness. (Not only because of its relatively small font, but also because I had not enough sleep that day.)

And then I read LINE webtoon instead, Siren's Lament by Instantmiso. The rain abated, I paid for my books, and then had them plastic-covered for free. For those books, I paid only 147,750 of 197,000 rupiah. Thanks to the 25% off-day! FYI, that was the first time I bought books again since Togamas' Ngayogbook discount event last January (the books haven't been read until now). Uhm, I even haven't read yet the books I bought a year ago *facepalm*. I am proud to be a book hoarder :-h


  1. Cool! Jarang jarang lho toko buku fisik yang bikin diskon kek begitu

    1. Ya, saya bersyukur selama ini bisa menikmati diskonnya itu :D


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