2 June 2014

6 Reasons Why You Wouldn’t Wanna Be An Immortal

 (Based on The “Immortal” Series, by Alyson Noel)

I was interested in reading this series because I’ve heard so much about their popularity in many book-lover community. I can feel my heart was exploding because of enthusiasm for standing in front of a label written “30% off” for all the six books of Immortal series, at a book-fair in Yogyakarta, a few months ago. Without thinking two times, I grabbed all of them. But, this series are not as great as my expectation. Even, for me, the great one is just the book 1—Evermore. Frankly, the rest are…..sorry,  nauseating.

My Immortals Series

Being an immortal may become so cool and fabulous in your ears, or it’s not weird if in your mind, you wanna be one of them, maybe. Why wouldn’t you wanna be a human who can’t be dead? Who have an immortal body, and can live forever in the Earth? Can do whatever you want in an infinite time frame? While all of the people around you are anxious about wrinkles scaterred on their face, afraid of being old..., you will have a perfect body forever, without wrinkles, of course.
But, actually, it’s not like as it seems. Being an immortal is not just “against the nature law”, but also...

1.   The Immortals can still be dead, if you attack them precisely on their body’s weak point. The “dead” point refers to “their souls are locked in Shadowland, in the dark forever”. How lurid, isn’t it?
If this stuff really worked, then Drina and Roman would still be here, right? And since they’re not, well, I guess that means they weren’t really all that immortal after all, were they?” – Miles (Immortals #5, Nighstar)[1]
Shadow Land
2.    We do live the life only and if only we experience all of the life stages: youth, middle age, and old.
And in order to learn and grow and better myself, I need to experience life. I need to experience it fully, in all its stages—youth, middle age, old age—I want it all.” – Miles (Immortals #5, Nighstar)
3.   Being an immortal will be so much burdensome for you who like eating so much. Why? Because an immortal only needs that red liquid as his nutrient source. Even, the most delicious food in this world would be felt tasteless on an immortal’s tongue.
Not to mention the fact that I happen to like eating, in fact, I like it so much that I can’t even imagine going on a permanent liquid diet.” – Miles (Immortals #5, Nighstar)
4.   Being an immortal means that you have nothing changed in your outward appearance. It is weird, isn’t it? As human, naturally, we love changes. We can’t be developed if we don’t experience changes. Even, if the magnetic field is constant, the electric current can’t be generated.
Also, I like seeing the changes each passing year makes, the impressions they leave behind. I don’t want my scars to disappear either… They’re part of me—part of my history.” – Miles (Immortals #5, Nighstar)
5.    You won’t always will to leave all of the people around you, leave the city where you have so much memories about it, just because the normal people are growing old, but you are still the same as ten years ago, and you don’t want to make a commotion.
6. Being an immortal doesn’t mean that you will have a TRUE everlasting life. No. Even Ever had just realized that being an immortal offers you a physical eternity. It doesn’t give you the most essential thing: a spiritual eternity. And, the fruit of The Tree of Life is the only one that can “provide enlightenment—the knowledge of true immortality—the soul’s immortality—to those who seek it—as well as reversing the false, physical immortality of those who’ve been fooled” – Lotus (Immortals #6, Everlasting).
The Tree of Life

And..., all of us are eternal creatures.
And though we may pass in and out of existence, our souls,  our energy, our essence, never fade. We are infinite beings—every last one.” – Ever (Immortals #6, Everlasting).

So, do you still wanna be an immortal? Even, Ever and Damen had chosen to reverse their physical immortality.

[1] Drina had been “died” in the book one, Evermore, while Roman was “died” in the book four, Dark Flame. More, Haven was also “died” in the book five, Nightstar.

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