16 March 2015

[GIVEAWAY MARATHON] The Winner Announcement of Episode 1

I have read all the submitted forms, and finally I have to choose one winner. 
Who is the winner of this first episode?
Are you ready? :D



This is the winner!

You can check her review here.

Why I choose this one among all the submitted reviews?
Actually, it's simply because as I was reading it, suddenly and naturally, I was wanting this book so much. Yeah, I haven't read this "Eleanor & Park" yet. Fauziyyah's review made me be eager to read this book by myself! Moreover, she also put a song list for this book. I love the way how she described and showed the characters using quotes and dialog from the book. Although she didn't make analysis about the other points of the novel's intrinsic elements (she mostly told about the central characters and book's theme), it's okay for me since I could enjoy reading her review.

Don't worry, there's still 6 episodes more for this GIVEAWAY MARATHON.
Let's participate on Episode 2! ^^


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