31 May 2015

May's To Be Reviewed (Divapress' Books)

May will be over in hours, but I've just posted this >.<. This month, Divapress gave me three books to be reviewed.

I didn't expect anything when casted a glance at the title, which sounded a bit provocating, but it turned out that this book had its own taste. I gave it a rating of 3 (out of 5), and you can take a peep at my review here.

The second one is a story collection, titled Senja yang Mendadak Bisu. This book contains of 21 selected/best short stories written by KampusFiksi's alumna, to celebrate KampusFiksi's birthday last month. All of the stories tell about traditions from many places in Indonesia. The very best story was, of course, Senja yang Mendadak Bisu, written by Lugina W.G, which was also posted in Basabasi
Status: read, but not yet reviewed.

The last one is a kind of teenlit, which I'm currently reading. I've just got a few pages, and the writing style is a bit unique. The writer gives two options for each point of the plot, like "if .... then ....", so that there are 2 plots in one book. It reminds me of Princess Aurora story book I read a long long time ago, which have many options of plot.
I'll review the second book soon, and finish reading the last one.


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