6 November 2015

The First & Last Bookish Gift in October

Pict source: here, edited by me.

Maybe I can't be called as a kind of giveaway hunter, and to be exact, "book-giveaway hunter", but I always try not to miss the chance to get a (seemed-to-be-)good book. Above all, who can avoid enter a giveaway which offer a book included in your wishlist? Well, I have enter many giveaway this October, and the wheel of Fortune finally stops at my name. Once. Haha. And lucky me, I won this book (in a series of blogtour) at Atria's blog. (Thank you, Atria, for you have chose me among all the participants, hehe.)

Daeho's Delivery Service is the first winner of #PSA3 (Publisher Searching for Authors), held by Grasindo publisher. Maybe you wanna know why I'm interested in reading this book.... It's because:

1. I did send my own manuscript to #PSA3, and the manuscript didn't win (sigh). So, it comes to me naturally that I wanna read the winning book of competition that I can't win. Haha.
2. The reviews of this book that I have read, averagely give positive comments, and the synopsis is pretty intriguing for me.
3. The book's cover is cute!

That is the first and last bookish gift I got from giveaway in October, and the author, Pretty Angelia, sent it right away to me. Oh, she also sign this book for me. Can't wait to read it soon!

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