24 July 2015

[NEW BUDDIES] Gramedia Book Fair - 60,000 Rupiahs for Four Books

It's been a while since I bought new books the last time. For I still have a bunch of new wrapped books that I even don't unwrap yet, I decided not to buy new books for a while. I can't hold to not buy a cute dress I really wished for, with a discount label put on it. But, it's harder to hold myself when I am in the midst of a lot of books at a book fair. Yeah, if you a kind of heavy bookworm or book hoarder like me, you definitely know that feeling.

An early evening at July 15. My motorcycle drove me to Gramedia Book Fair. It was the first time I went to a book store since... I even forgot. At first, instead of usually I did, walked directly to the fiction book section, I went to the non-fiction section. My eyes were caught by a thick, grey-covered book with a Nazi symbol on its front cover. It was an Indonesian-translated Mein Kampf. I wanted to read what was inside Hitler's mind, and I certainly had bought that book if only it was sold at a discount. Yeah, my wallet wasn't at the good condition. Oh, holy crap, what a book fair with a book without discount? It was my thought at that time. Hahaha. 

Then I moved to fiction section, and found this trilogy, wrote by an Indonesian author, Meiliana K. Tansri. This was a myth-fantasy trilogy, about a spirit in a power of nature, called Naga (dragon), who took a revenge against the antagonists who destructed the nature for personal advantages and economical profits. Actually, I have ever seen these books a long time ago, at Gramedia Book Fair too. I have been attracted since before, but I didn't buy them because the series were not complete. This time, fortunately, the trilogy was complete, and it was only 10,000 rupiahs each! Wait no more, just grab it! That was what I thought. 

(And these are the books one by one.)

The 1st book, titled Mempelai Naga.
You can find my review here.
The 2nd book, titled Gadis Buta dan Tiga Ekor Tikus.
I have just finished this book last night.
The review will come up soon.

The 3rd book, titled Sembrani.
I'll read this last book soon.
 Then, with a hand full of those three books, I wandered through the aisles and found this thick book--maybe twice the thickness of that Mein Kampf. I thought that I need to improve my self a lot lot more, and maybe this book could help me. Actually now I'm reading How to Win Friends and Influence People in The Digital Age, but that book is not powerful enough to ignite a fire inside my soul *uh-oh, I'm exaggerating now*. But, the main point of me buying this was because I just needed to pay 30,000 rupiahs for this huge and thick book, and by a scanning through its table of contents, this book seemed very communicative. Let's see then.

Well, those are my new buddies this month. What about yours? I bet you buy a lot more than me >,<

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